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GG is your global guide to style and design.
The world of luxury is brought to life with every issue of our award-winning publication. Printed seasonally in six languages, the glossy, full-color magazine features the latest news and trends in the world of luxury living and global real estate. The publication is delivered directly to our top clients, our shops worldwide and is available on newsstands in Europe. Include your most prestigious properties among its catalog of high-end homes.

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Issue 2, 2018

In this issue, GG profiles today’s collectors and creative minds who are shaping the art world and moving spectators around the globe. Spend time with feature personality BJ Topol, co-founder of New York based art consultancy Topol Childs Art Advisory, who shares how her passion for 20th century American art is driving her business’ current work. See why Brazilian artist Beatriz Milhazes’ oversized, ornate geometric paintings and use of national motifs have given her international acclaim, while Austrian artist Erwin Wurm has become one of the world’s greatest masters of artistic humor with his commentary on the contemporary culture of excess. Pick up a complimentary copy of the latest issue of GG at your local Engel & Völkers shop, or view the digital issue below.

What's inside the latest issue:


Once accepted as an edgy subculture, street art has since found its way into the halls of galleries and museums. Berlin’s multistory Urban Nation museum, London’s street art trade fair Moniker and Dresden’s debut of the touring exhibition Magic City are just a few prominent spaces that prove the voices of urban artists and their unique social perspectives are becoming more valued, with good reason, by passersby and the art world alike.



Magnus Resch, founder of Magnus, is revolutionizing the way people interact with, learn about and purchase art. Resch’s eponymous app Magnus, which he began developing in 2016, allows users to capture a photo of a piece of artwork and then instantly receive the piece’s title, artist and market value—like Shazam, but for art. Thanks to Magnus’ database of approximately 10 million images, the ability to not only “Google” a word, but also an image has become a reality.

Art & Design

Long gone are the days of staring at an oil painting, only limited to being a passive observer of a piece of artwork. Forget all expectations of art solely being a visual experience. Contemporary art studios, fashion brands and architecture firms are challenging observers to engage with art—to hear, see and touch it—and feel the impact of art in a completely different, full bodied way.


Women's Style

Pistachio is the new black. Soft hues of green in women’s fashion embody the sense of freshness and adventure that all fashionistas should be pursuing this spring. From luxe green-tinted Aviator sunglasses by Lunor, to pea green double-breasted suits designed by Steffen Schraut, make onlookers green with envy from your street-chic accessories and outerwear.

Men's Style

This spring’s trendiest men’s accessories are hyper-focused on looking sharp. Today, it’s not only about having a great tailored outfit, but having the right platinum details, laser-cut patterns and stainless steel hardware to go along with it. From the latest watches by Glashütte Original to calfskin “man bags” by Tsatsas, this season’s menswear is paying attention to the finest of details.



The Roaring Twenties are reincarnate in the design world’s hottest homeware, furniture and entertainment pieces. Brass fixtures, marble surfaces and crystal lights form the foundation for the perfect Great Gatsby inspired décor—add a little velvet, glitter and jazz music, and you’ve got the makings of an incredible at-home experience for your family and friends.

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In the Latest Issue

“We really love trying to think outside of the box.” – BJ Topol

Meet BJ Topol, whose eye and knowledge of fine art are almost as enviable as her stunning Manhattan loft. Read more about BJ in the latest issue of GG. Visit your local Engel & Völkers shop for a complimentary copy or click here for a digital copy.

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